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If you feel you match our thinking, we could work together. Your size does not matter to us. You can be:

• A Nation looking to invest in a technology partner that will create tremendous real wealth, jobs and a substantial Licensing revenue flow (think oil replacement and carbon credits on a very large scale)

• A Nation wishing to possess the strongest “DEFENSIVE” force in the world.

• A Corporation with the reach and means to take any aspect of our designs to a large, global market.

• An Individual with very substantial means looking to participate in the next great tech-no-logical in-volution.

• A Community(any size) looking to solve a particular, vexing problem, regardless of what field it is in.

• A Company looking to de-celerate while maintaining profitability.

• An Individual seeking to find his or her core self, your original I, using the methods and the way revealed to and by the founder of AND C. An overview of SPIRAL guidance follows beneath the contact information posted below. Please get in touch if you really feel called. It is a difficult and rewarding path,a blend of Zen, Music, Sufism, deep body work and arcane knowledge. In complete integrity with their Purpose

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