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Spiral Guidance:

Spiral guidance is a series of guided sessions, taking participants on ajourney of unique self-discovery. On the other side, students will have a deep and abiding sense of self and integrity. The sessions focus alternatelyon the physical and meta-physical levels of awareness, guiding people to become hyper or meta-aware, hyper-sensitive even, in the best sense of the term. Spiral seeks to encourage individuals to dive into themselves to discover the deepest drivers for their motivations/actions and at the same time becomedeeply sensitive to their physical and emotional environment.

About Spiral Guidance

Combining subtlephysical and meta-physical exercises, Spiral leads an individual through ajourney of authentic self-discovery. Individuals who have gone through Spiral guidance are:

• Centered
• Balanced
• Grounded
• Meta-Aware
• Focused
• In complete integrity with their Purpose



They command their space with the authority of deep self-knowledge. Their path consistently represents the optimum road to a desired outcome. Spiral goes beyond training, because trained response always breaks down under some degree of pressure. It is our firm belief that core aspects of an individual’s constitution (Integrity, Ethics, Self-knowledge, Enthusiasm) cannot be taught but are discovered and once discovered, not easily lost. While traditional teaching allows an individual to function within the confines of a box/system, Spiral Guidance gives them the tools to allow them to be their extra-ordinary selves in these extra-ordinary times. The tools allow them to operate at their optimum level, never wasting time, energy or money in actions that do not serve their or their networks highest good. Individuals that are integrated in this way become engines of cause instead of the instruments at effect. The Signposts along Spiral Guidance are deeply rooted in a blend of ancient and modern teachings and ethodologies, mostly identified as shamanic in their origin.Taking Spiral Guidance is the equivalent of taking the “Red” pill.


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