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Vivek Chaturvedi: Biography

Vivek can be best described as a unique, out of the box thinker, with a deeply intuitive understanding of technology
and business and the ability to connect the dots in new and unique ways. Vivek spent his early years in the Indian Navy
after getting a master’s degree in Electrical/ Weapons Engineering from the Naval College Of Engineering in India.

After various tours of duty, he closed his Naval Career with a stint as the Aide-de-Camp to the Governor of one of India’s
most industrialized states (Karnataka). While with the Governor, he got to participate in many high profile diplomatic initiatives with various international governments andcompanies.

Upon leaving the Navy, he launched a successful environmental consulting company, which he left in 1995,to pursue higher studies in the US. Vivek got his MBA with a
focus onTechnology management and Entrepreneurship fromRensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Upon completion, he joined United Technologies in their Corporate Technology Strategy group. While at UTC, Vivek was involved in technology sourcing for cutting edge initiatives in fuel cells, where he was also involved in a major restructuring effort, as well as work for other business within the corporate umbrella. He left UTC as the associate-director of that group, and came to join a start-up in the Silicon Valley in 1999.

While at Octane software, Vivek held various positions, including sales engineering and business development. As the director of business in Asia-Pacific for the fledgling international presence of the company, he made significant contributions towards Octane’s bottom line, signing up key global partnerships as well as generating sales in brand new territories. Upon Octane’s hugely successful acquisition by Epiphany Inc. (at $3.2 billion, itwas the largest ever acquisition of a privately held software company),Vivek came back to the US from Australia, and spent time managing Epiphany’s strategic business development efforts in the US, specially the tech-heavy west-coast region.

During all this time much focus has been placed on his personal passion, finding ways to support the development of radical and appropriate technologies and innovations. After leading the Indian arm of Zero-Sum software as Chairman and CEO, Japan’s first pure-play company in India in the mobile space, to a strong position in the Mobile VAS market, he is currently un-designing everything.

Aadivaahan Naqshband Design and Consulting (ANDC) is his vehicle to bring radically innovative concepts in many spheres of human activity. This unique design vision springs from a
new understanding of human bio-kinetics.Itinerant traveler on the road of life. Looking always for the road less traveled, looking back at the wrong turns we took, looking forward, blinders off. And most of all being here, NowHere!


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