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• Use Biasing effects (akin to the trim-tabs approach by   Buckminster fuller).

• Ruthlessly apply Occam’s razor, simpler is better.

• Apply technology in homeopathic doses.

• Have a deep understanding of Hydrology/High-pressure environments (air and water)/Dynamic systems.

• Believe that like cures like, but only if understood at it’s deepest   level.

• Understand how to t/ease order out of chaos.

• Apply the best of known engineering practices and principals,   but intangential and surprisingly effective ways.

ANDC is rooted in Aadividya, or original knowledge. The belief being that only by going to the root cause of what we do and why and how we do it, can we cometo the right way of how it should be done.


Link to the document below will give you a deeper sense of where these breakthrough designs come from. Pleasenote that this document was written on May 19th 2008, when most of the world was rather sanguine about global prospects, prosperity etc. Clearly the ensuing years have shown that this sense was misplaced. Temporal markers in the documents hopefully show a deeper understanding of the world bythe founder of ANDC. To read more about the founder’s thoughts and more about Aadividya,design-vision, please click below...




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