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May 19, 2008
Aadividya : Original, Authentic, Axiomatic Knowledge
The philosophical design basis for ANDC. Three Points of a stable Philosophy

1. Radical Innovation (In-Ovation)
2. Permaculture (True Sustainability)
3. Appropriate, Tangential and Homeopathic use of Technology.

My design principles:
1. Human’s are endo-skeletal creatures. Our world (products) are increasingly exo- skeletal. Thus, we cannot interface smoothly with out own designs.
2. All good design is functionally and schematically fractal.
3. We persist in designing for first order effects (slap-ouch) whileeithergnoring or damping higher order causes and effects.
4. Two of the greatest technical minds of the last 2-3 centuries, Nikolai Tesla and Viktor Schauberger worked in the space of harmonies and resonance. Tesla had intuitively mastered electromagnetic resonance and Schauberger had done likewise for bio-mechanical resonance. Buckminster Fuller was the one who brought the subtle idea of a mechanical matrix into the picture. He coined tensegrity as the balance of opposing tensions. When evolved into tension which I believe visible (measurable tension is always a subset of, you get torsional integrity. These are the three cornerstones of my design philosophy:



• Design for the endo-skeletal creature
• Harness harmonics
• Torsional Integrity
• The visible universe, fractally speaking is mechanically centripetal forgrowth and centrifugal for dissolution. Our designed world is entirelycentrifugal for deceptive growth (deceptive because the entire lifecycle is never taken into account) and only occasionally positively centripetal.
• All designs should embody relaxed tension.
• We are lopsided in our expenditure and focus if we study the current technology adoption curve. Far too many technologies get buried in the dusty, un-evolved, while we raise to spend money on user interface design. The missed point is that the root is weakly developed, you will never get a big tree.
• The exact same argument as above, when it comes to product life-cycle spending far too little in code development and far too much on market development. It looks like as a technological people, our Souk mentality has reached critical mass.
• We have to contort to our designs, whereas, our designs should mould to us.
• The magic is in designing for second and higher order effects of two dis-similar planes / waves meeting. Call it, ripple effect design.


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Some Core Observations & Guiding Ideas

• Permaculture is sustainable philosophy in action.
• Appropriate technology is always the better solution.
• Properly empowered, people can move mountains
• Change is always uncomfortable and always possible.
• Small changes can have big impacts (Trim Tabs).
• Holistic analysis always gives you the big picture.
• A properly honed instinct will always provide a better answer than even the most careful analysis.
• Rules are always contextual and not only can but should be flexible and related to as such.

MY WORLD VIEW ( Deeply considered but by no means fixed)

• We always speak of six-sigma as a statistically improbable outcome in anynormal distribution. I firmly believe, we don’t live under the same bellcurve that all our assumptions are based on. We live in a four or even five sigma world from our current code assumption set. Worthy of pondering.
v Macro economic trends: The US Dollar is under severe, sustained pressure. If true impact of “Real” inflation is accounted for, the canary has already fledthe coal mine.

• China is staggering under its own curious set of circumstances of a largepopulation set “herded” into rapid “development” mode, much like India. Mostof the “gains” are hype. Credit, cheap and plenty until recently (privateequity had moved it into the right hands in preceding years), being the soledriver (flogger?) of growth.


• The sub prime mess (and all its attendant tentacles of cause and effect in the world financial systems) is scary with just the lit fuse sparking. Whenit really goes off, all bets are off. Talk of lack of understanding of higherorder cause and effect.

• Energy prices are reset in the public mind at dizzying rate (12 dollars abarrel of Brent Sweet Crude is not such old memory), currently 130 dollars abarrel. Associated inflationary impact is hitting the majority of the world’s population.

• On a similar somber note, a discussion on our world’s geo politicalsituation. Every major war in history was a resource war as is every major conflict today. There is a relentlessly hawkish bias in the global dialogue, with too many vested interests in the war – pie. Oil, minerals, territory / markets and now water. Also, in large theatre wars, multi-generational trauma creates multi-generational conflicts. Grim but true.

• An increasingly nuclear world adds the requisite potential for a runawayreaction! Our world is ever increasingly polarized with ever greaterpotential for conflict.

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The body is central to design. Everything, going deep into the rabbit-hole is User Interface design, at every layer.
• In a fractal world, that makes our task really, really easy. With the right block design, we could live / play in a legoland.

• A well designed structure needs a well designed infra-structure and so on down the rabbit hole. As close as we can reach to the heart as to why we do and what we do, the more minimally elegant, effortless and graceful the outcome.

• As we would all be well advised to use Occam’s Razor in life, we should apply it with equal, ruthless skill to the art of design.

• Force / Vector flow is always an excellent start point for design visualization. Feeling that flow, is even better since the optimal design then simply suggests itself.


1. Motive product design
2. Retrofit systems enhancing, core safety, performance and Reliability.
Radical/Alternative Motive systems design
• Bicycle
• 3-Wheel vehicle
• Alternative steering mechanism for ALL vehicle classes
• Alternative suspension systems
• Redesigned Parachute system
• Regenerative braking system
• Aeronautical systems

3. Core products :

• Water treatment systems
• Sewage Management Systems
• Alternative, low-cost, super – dwellings
• Man-Machine Interfaces

4. Sporting gear redesign
• Every major sport
• Primary and safety equipment

5. Musical Instruments :
• Various

For Potential Partners:

Aadividya (AND C) is being birthed as a demand-side oriented, experimental product design company, with radical takes on new product innovation. Primary spend will be on people and rapid prototyping (technology demonstrators) of experimental designs, to be brought to market through licensing deals with innovative start-ups or major industry players. We also hope to put many useful designs, like a radical Prosthetic Design into the public sphere for the greater good. Most of all, Aadividya is designed to grow organically and since it’s seed has been nurtured in incubation for many years, it is a visionary tour-de-force whose time has come

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